Experience the Copper Canyon and the Tarahumara Tribe with Eco AlterNATIVE Tours

With Eco AlterNATIVE Tours you’ll be guided by a native who will show you the Canyon’s hidden paths! Our authentic tour guides connect you with the stunning scenery, native people, and life in the Sierra.

Experience the Copper Canyon and the Tarahumara Tribe like you never have before. Your authentic tour guides connect you with the stunning scenery, native people, and life in the Sierra. Together, you and your tour guide navigate the paths of the Copper Canyon.

No other tour walks you through the same paths, to sit under the same trees, and breathe the same air as the Rarámuri. Eco-Alter NATIVE Tours provides an intimate, exclusive Rarámuri experience, all while paying careful attention not to disrupt the vibrant lives of the native population.

Semana Santa Tour 2018

Dive Into Another World | March 27th- April 1st

6 Days | 5 Nights

Double Occupancy

Semana Santa TourYou are invited to our biggest event of the year! The Semana Santa!

Includes hotel and accommodations, guides, local transportation, awesome nature and cultural excursions, most meals and a rich and unique memorable experience!

The Semana Santa in Sierra Tarahumara is celebrated with rituals that mix the Rarámuri beliefs with the Chabochi costumes. During the whole week, you can hear the sound of the drums that do not stop until the Sunday of Ressurection. 

The Semana Santa will take place next Spring between March 27th and April 1st. You'll be able to experience all the vibrancy of these celebrations and spend the week with the Tarahumara.

Tour designed by a Tarahumara Native and Cultural Anthropologist! Cost: $1620 per person, Deposit 500 by January 31st (non-refundable) Balance due by March 1st.

Join us in these festivities! Download your tour itinerary below and Book your tour today!

The Raramuri people believe in a simple way of life in which the trees, rocks, and valleys are not only significant but that they have souls that intertwine us all. Through the eyes of your native guide, and your open mind, you will learn a new appreciation of nature not just through the stunning views but through the CONNECTION  felt in the living, breathing soul of the Sierra.

The Raramuri people, although challenged by outside forces have survived and maintained a simple, spiritual way of life in the Sierra Tarahumara. Your guide will share stories of their struggles and triumphs, along with teaching you the captivating truth of their beliefs in the connection between all things in nature, including us. 

As you feel the warmth of the sun that lights up the rock formations and get the same dirt on your feet as the Raramuri, you can reflect on the experience of a tour that not only allowed for sightseeing, but opened your eyes and hearts to a new way of thinking about the life that exists in nature and its impact on our everyday lives, as the Raramuri value it.

“The tour with Chunnel was a real insight into the Raramuri culture. Don’t miss a chance to get a tour with him when you get to Creel and have a wonderful experience.”
– Carmen


Select the Busure, or a ‘awakening’ tour. Spend the days immersed in Raramuri life and the evenings sharing stories under the Copper Canyon moon.


Your adventure in the Sierra Tarahumara includes a new perspective on beauty. Not just in your surroundings, but in the native people who call them home.


New Day Tour: KAWIÍ
Guided by a native Raramuri, you will breathe in the same air, walk the same paths, and experience the spirit of the mountains just as the Raramuri.

Traveling with Children? All our tours are Children and Family friendly, we especially recommend the 6-hour Kawií (easy hike) and El Hechizo tours. For children 4-years-old and under the tour is Free and Children between 5 and 11 have 50% discount with 2 paying adults.

Reaching Copper Canyon

Many travelers take the famous train into the Sierra Tarahumara. You can take the train from Los Mochis, Sinaloa or Chihuahua City, Chihuahua. Here are some tips from a traveler in Spanish about traveling El Chepe train. 

International flights will fly into Chihuahua City just 4 hours from Creel where we are based. If coming from the United States you can pick up a direct flight from Denver, Colorado to Chihuahua City (CUU) if flying in on a Saturday. See here for flight information http://www.volaris.com/. An economical option for those nearby Tijuana is to get a flight from there. You can book a Mexican airline like Aeromexico– if you do please note that many of those flights will take you through Mexico City which mostly means that your travel time will be longer. If you go that route we suggest leaving a day before your tour begins.

Wondering what to take with you on your next tour? Here's a list of the essentials:

  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Warm & Waterproof clothing (yes even in the summer, the nights get cold)
  • Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and a towel)
  • Refillable water bottle


  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Bug repellent
  • A positive attitude and high energy!

Note: All camping materials are included in your booking so no need to worry about that!

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