“The tour with Chunel was a real insight to the Raramuri culture. Don’t miss a chance to get a tour with him when you get to Creel and have a wonderful experience.”– Carmen 

Kawii- 6hr Copper Canyon Hike + Village

Experience the Copper Canyon and the Tarahumara Tribe with Eco-alter NATIVE Tours. Your authentic tour guides connect you with the stunning scenery, native people, and life in the Sierra. 

Together, you and your tour guide navigate the paths of the Copper Canyon.

No other tour walks you through the same paths, to sit under the same trees, and breathe the same air as the Rarámuri. Eco-AlterNATIVE Tours provides an intimate, exclusive Rarámuri experience, all while paying careful attention not to disrupt the vibrant lives of the native population.
The Raramuri people believe in a simple way of life in which the trees, rocks, and valleys are not only significant but that they have souls that intertwine us all. Through the eyes of your native guide, and your open mind, you will learn a new appreciation of nature not just through the stunning views but through the CONNECTION felt in the living, breathing soul of the Sierra.
The Raramuri people, although challenged by outside forces have survived and maintained a simple, spiritual way of life in the Sierra Tarahumara. Your guide will share stories of their struggles and triumphs, along with teaching you the captivating truth of their beliefs in the connection between all things in nature, including us. 
As you feel the warmth of the sun that lights up the rock formations and get the same dirt on your feet as the Raramuri, you can reflect on the experience of a tour that not only allowed for sightseeing, but opened your eyes and hearts to a new way of thinking about the life that exists in nature and its impact on our everyday lives, as the Raramuri value it.



Select the Busure, or a ‘awakening’ tour. Spend the days immersed in Raramuri life and the evenings sharing stories under the Copper Canyon moon.



Your adventure in the Sierra Tarahumara includes a new perspective on beauty. Not just in your surroundings, but in the native people who call them home.



Guided by a native Raramuri, you will breathe in the same air, walk the same paths, and experience the spirit of the mountains just as the Raramuri.

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