La Razón Para Danzar: Semana Santa Entre Los Rarámuri Por Jesús Manuel Palma Batista Originario de Norogachi

La Semana Santa en la Sierra Tarahumara, se celebra con ritual que se combinan con las creencias rarámuri y las costumbres chabochi (mestiza); durante toda la cuaresma se escuchan los tambores; el sonido no se detiene hasta después del Domingo de Resurrección. Pareciera que imitan los latidos del corazón de

Historias directo de un viajero: Victor Manuel Jaquez, España

De Los Mochis a Creel en el Chepe (Extracto) Fotos y Blog Completo Aqui Día 3 — Creel Mi plan en Creel era recorrer algo de las barrancas a pié de la mano de un rarámuri. Mientras planificaba el viaje tuve la suerte de encontrarme con la gente de Eco-alterNATIVE

Our Family Hike Exploring A New Hiking Trail In The Copper Canyon [Video Blog]

I went on a family hike with my 16-month-old son and 4-year old daughter and my husband, Chunel Palma. I’m usually the one in the office in front of some screen (cell phone or computer), answering calls, emails and updating our website. So it was AWEsome to get out on

Why Take A Guided Tour? (Some) Pros and Cons to taking a tour while visiting the Copper Canyon.

I was averse, at times, to tours in my own traveling past, usually because of my budget and what I was sure I could find and experience on my own. However, ultimately I would end up wandering around aimlessly with my trusty guidebook in hand (sound familiar!). I didn’t know what I could discover that

Reason #2 to Visit: The Legends and Storytelling

It’s rainy season in Mexico from about May to September and I recall my mother “Cuca’s” storytelling.  I recently remembered the day she told me, speaking in our native tongue of Rarámuri, something that expanded my universe and reinforced our oral history. Almost every afternoon, around 4pm, the dark clouds start

Reason #1 to Visit: The Tortillas

The corn tortillas yes the tortillas! Chunel, my husband, and our daughter Alegria and myself just returned from the Tarahumara community of Bokimaba. As we entered the home of our friend, Josefa, she was in the process of making these beauties. The room was warm and filled with the aroma of