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Customize your Experience in Copper Canyon

The Copper Canyon, its mountains, valleys, and lakes, and especially its native people, the Raramuri offer an experience of a lifetime…


With Eco-Alternative Tours, you can customize your staying experience, all with the Raramuri cultural aspect. From learning about the Raramuri athleticism featured in Born To Run (ask us about running with a raramuri), to focusing on the Raramuri traditional music and rituals, to hikes on exclusive paths for one-of-a-kind photos. You could select a vision quest and lunada camping or even a full hiking tour through the Copper Canyon. You make your tour, your way.

If you would like suggestions, contact us! We are happy to help!


In every EcoAlterNATIVE Tour, we tell stories that you won’t find in a book. You’ll see unique places and may meet people who are open to share their culture and experiences with you. We’ll provide you with context that you can’t get anywhere else. We are passionate about what we do! We invite you to dive deeper into the unique nature and culture of Copper Canyon!

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