Day Tours

Spend the Day among the Tarahumara People in Copper Canyon


Sightseeing and Optional Easy Hike

3 Hour Tour | 2 to 6 People

Not your regular sightseeing in the Sierra Tarahumara. This cultural and spiritual tour begins in the Pueblo Magico and takes you to see the village of San Ignacio de Arareko, the lake of Arareko and many valleys including the Valley of the Monks.

A native Rarámuri will drive you along the winding paths while teaching of the Raramuri culture, connection to nature, and beliefs in the spirit that lives in the very mountains, lakes, and valleys you are passing through. This day tour provides some opportunity to get out and explore and a guide to show you the beauty of the Sierra Tarahumara. The stories tell of the simple, happy life of the Raramuri provide a new perspective to travellers and an appreciation of the vibrant, viable culture of the indigenous people.

Tours Start at 9:30 AM or 3:00 PM.


Starting at $30 USD Per Person

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Cultural Experience and Hike

6 to 9 Hour Tour | 2 to 6 People

Kawii, or ‘Earth’ reveals an even closer look at the Copper Canyon and at the lives of the Raramuri, native to the stunning landscape.

Guided by a native Raramuri, you’ll breathe in the same air, walk the same paths, and experience the spirit of the mountains. Through his stories and your curiosity, your guide will teach you about a culture so vibrant and alive, yet so different from any you’ve experienced. You’ll visit and eat dinner with the Raramuri on their village, surrounded by family the green cornfields and their beautiful stone construction home. Bring your open mind and a camera. Your adventure includes a new perspective on beauty. Not just of your surroundings, but on the native people who call them home. The more time you select for your tour, the more there is to take in of the Sierra.

Tours Start at 9:30 AM


Starting at $95 USD Per Person

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In every EcoAlterNATIVE Tour, we tell stories that you won’t find in a book. You’ll see unique places and may meet people who are open to share their culture and experiences with you. We’ll provide you with context that you can’t get anywhere else. We are passionate about what we do! We invite you to dive deeper into the unique nature and culture of Copper Canyon!


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Important Note:

Eco-alterNATIVE Tours is a small organization and so we ask that all reservations are booked and paid ahead of time. Same day reservations are subject to confirmation.

Tours are available in English and Spanish.