Our Family Hike Exploring A New Hiking Trail In The Copper Canyon [Video Blog]

Copper Canyon Hike

Testing out the awe-factor on our new hiking trails.

I went on a family hike with my 16-month-old son and 4-year old daughter and my husband, Chunel Palma. I’m usually the one in the office in front of some screen (cell phone or computer), answering calls, emails and updating our website. So it was AWEsome to get out on a new trail we’d just added to our hiking and Tarahumara tribe tours.


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Daniela Ramirez & Chunel Palma

About the author:The owners Daniela Ramirez and Chunel Palma have lived and worked in the region. Chunel Palma is a Tarahumara Indian and speaks the native language in addition to Spanish. Chunel grew up in the Norogachi region of the Sierra Tarahumara and therefore knows the land and native culture intimately. He studied Cultural Anthropology and has worked many years in projects that work to strengthen the culture. Daniela Ramirez is a native Californian, an Anthropologist and speaks English and Spanish. Daniela completed her Masters thesis research in a Tarahumara village where she studied different development models in the Sierra Tarahumara. Together, there expertise threads together a rich tour experience.

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