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Immersion Cultural Experience, Camping, Easy to Hard Hikes

Busuré Tour

If you have limited time in the Sierra, but want an overnight camping experience, select the Busure, or a ‘awakening’ tour. Spend the days immersed in Raramuri life and the evenings sharing stories under the Copper Canyon moon. This tour is a deeper connection to the Sierra Tarahumara, including its native population, the vibrant Raramuri. 

Your daytime experience takes you through the heart and soul of the Copper Canyon and into a Raramuri village, where you will eat with a host family and experience their humble, spiritual, nature-based, culture first hand. You will taste corn tortillas made on a wood-burning stove from corn grown by the hands of the people and the grace of nature from seeds thousands of years old. You might learn to throw their Komakali (wooden ball), make artisan wares like baskets or sandals, or even work in their fields. You will gain a new appreciation of a population who, despite challenges, remains tied to their families and communities and has preserved their lifestyle. 

The length of your stay provides the depth of your experience, for more sights and life in the village, extend your time. 

You will hike along the Copper Canyon paths used by the Raramuri to walk and run with their children. Along the paths, your native tour guide will tell stories of how the animals, plants, and each aspect of nature plays a vital role in the lives of the Raramuri. And then as the sun sets, you can reflect on the significance of nature in all of our lives.

Each night is spent at a campsite around a fire and a night brimming with stars. The nighttime is an opportunity to reflect on the culture you’ve experienced, rest your tired bones, and hear your guide’s first-hand stories of life in the Sierra Tarahumara. 

Meals and camping equipment included in your price. Click book now for add-ons and itineraries. 


BUWELA: El Camino De Begnino

Full hiking tour hiking across the Copper Canyon

You start in a Tarahumara village and end (the last night) in a village. We hire a second Tarahumara guide (Benigno) and brings his donkey Shemina to carry your gear– he’s from this part of the canyon so you get stories and a unique perspective along the way. 

If you are interested in taking this tour we highly recommend that you also take our El hechizo Day tour. 

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Week Long Adventures and Custom Tours

The Copper Canyon, its mountains, valleys, and lakes, and especially its native people, the Raramuri offer an experience of a lifetime…

With Eco-Alternative Tours, you can customize your staying experience, all with the Raramuri cultural aspect. From learning about the Raramuri athleticism featured in Born To Run (ask us about running with a raramuri), to focusing on the Raramuri traditional music and rituals, to hikes on exclusive paths for one-of-a-kind photos. You could select a vision quest and lunada camping or even a full hiking tour through the Copper Canyon. You make your tour, your way.

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Join us for your exclusive tour of the Sierra Tarahumara! This tour combines popular aspects from Eco-AlterNATIVE Tours El Hechizo and Busure (see above) and adds a scenic horseback riding tour through the canyon and camping at a Copper Canyon overlook with views of the stars at night and the sunrise over the canyon as you eat breakfast. Throughout the tour, Chunel provides the cultural experience of the Rarámuri and their simple way of life.

Lodging included.



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Travel TIP: A popular way to come into the area is by the El Chepe Train that comes in from Chihuahua City or Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

Fly into Chihuahua City and fly out of Los Mochis or reverse, if you have time to take the train in and out. You can purchase online by sending them an email (make sure you can see pop up screens). You should also be able to purchase the morning of directly from the train station at Chihuahua; if the ticket box is closed, they will charge you on the train. The train leaves from Chihuahua around 6:00 am from Chihuahua and arrives in Creel around 11:30 am. Buses run all day from Chihuahua City to Creel.