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Meet Lan and Haven
(travelers from California)

Haven’s first time to Mexico and newbies to Northern Mexico, Lan and Haven from California experience the Copper Canyon and a Tarahumara Indian Village on our Busure (awakening) tour!

Jen told me (in no uncertain terms) that I “had” to get to the canyon. I booked a tour through eco-alterNATIVE Tours – I booked the 7-hour tour and it was both a hike and a look at the life of the Tarahumara.

I, mistakenly thought it was a 7-hour hike – no the tour was a total of 7-hours (actually it went a little faster since it was just me). Thank goodness it wasn’t a 7-hour hike – it was a relaxing 2 1/2 hour hike on the rim of the Copper Canyon. The views were amazing, stunning and awe isnspiring.

Daniela, who owns the tour company with her husband, picked me up at 9:30 and we drove for about an hour to San Luis de Majimachi which is a small village. I walked around the village for a bit and then we ate at the home of our guide. Throughout the day Daniela talked with me about the Tarahumara. It was an extremely educational and amazing day.

Roger Muskett

Run Hard & Drink Damn Good Beer

Choosing to hike the Copper Canyon with Eco-AlterNative Tours and with Chunel as my guide afforded me a perspective I otherwise would not have been able to have from tourist-saturated Divisadero.

We took the road South from Creel and on entering the Rarámuri community got to experience Chunel’s amazing off-roading skills. All the while we travelled, Chunel provided his first hand accounts of the history and beauty of the region; of the encroaching logging and mining industries; and the resistance of the Rarámuri to maintain their traditional way of life. Chunel showed me around the community and explained the agricultural, social and spiritual life of the region.

We stopped by several outlooks on the edge of the canyon that Chunel explained are important places of ceremony for the Rarámuri and also provided seemingly endless vistas of the canyon. We arrived at one of these promontories nearing sunset and watched as the orange and yellow light shifted shadows across the faces of the canyon walls.

You will leave the canyon with a truly memorable experience and a greater understanding of the Rarámuri.

Eric Silberberg


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